Dating Principles (image & confidence)

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Dating Principle 1 - Image

Preparation and presentation - cause looks matter

The random changes in pushed by today's society can make the whole dating process even more bewildering. That confusion costs money - a lot of it. Actually canvassing, preparing and  dating costs money. When not done right, it can run into hundreds if not thousands of dollars with no end in sight. We make strong and immediate judgements about people based on their appearance and even hygiene, as others do us. Dressing inappropriately or body language can give off negative or inaccurate impressions and can cost a person a good chance at securing a second date and more.

A sloppy appearance even to a social outing with friends can prevent prospective introductions to the opposite sex even if you have a great sense of humour and personality plus. In most social outings, the first impressions regrettably are that appearances are more important than talent, character or personality. However if you want to make that all important positive first impression and attracting the right people to you then a little bit of self investment can work wonders.

Remember life is not fair in the dating world, and if you're not treating yourself well then your chances maybe lost to others who present a positive image of themselves.

While you may not see it as a priority, your competition is out there buying new outfits every week, looking their best and attracting gorgeous people. First impressions are difficult to change. Presenting a negative impression to others can adversely affect your chances of finding your ideal partner. They may draw the wrong conclusion about your presentation because of a dowdy appearance. In some ways this could affect a person's credibility, such is this cruel world. So be a master of self-expressive-love, and treat yourself well.

A quick way to improve your chances is to prepare and always look your best!

Dating Principle 2 - Confidence

For self esteem and more...

Your image of what you portray both inside and out will reflect on your confidence and thus self esteem. Image and self esteem are closely aligned. Little do we know that image, your external package always must start from the inside. What am I talking about? Getting to know yourself better, believe in yourself and be comfortable with who you are and what strengths you have to give to a relationship. What flourishes within often shines on the outside. People eyeing you up will notice this.

Confidence is an individual thing. The dating world can be fickle. Confidence is about being comfortable in your true self and accepting all the unique qualities you have. Confidence in what you truly desire in a partner looks easy but in essence it's tricky.

Being confident in who you are, background, your history, forgiving yourself for past mistakes can enable you to accept yourself and what you truly desire in a potential partner. Knowing this can allow you to gather quick information on prospects, instead of going from date to date and not really knowing whom your dating or why you're doing so. How is this so? Well, because you are not so concerned with yourself anymore. You're more focused on your prospects and they'll just love your full attention.

With this new found confidence in yourself and what you want, you will be able to;

    Identify enough positive characteristics to encourage you spending more time getting to know them in a dating situation so you can determine their potential for a successful long-term relationship.

    Differentiate a potential "friend" from a potential "mate." (A potential friend or a casual acquaintance will lack the qualities necessary for deep and lasting romance.)

Spot serious flaws, warning signs, and conditions in others that justify that a relationship will not go any further.


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